A team of archeologists and ethnologists from THC University (THCU) is announcing today, a second expedition to reestablish contact with a “lost tribe” known as the Putinabs. The announcement comes on the one-year anniversary of the lost tribe’s discovery in a remote Himalayan valley on April 1st of last year.

Headlines of this return expedition were quickly buried under continuing coverage of the war in Ukraine, just as last year’s discovery was nearly lost in a deluge of Covid19 coverage. However, one startling detail did succeed at capturing the public’s imagination. Namely, the unusual item of clothing worn by the Putinab high priest: a golden breastplate arrayed with twelve jewels.

According to the priest, the vest is used to receive direct communication from God. When the priest asks God a question, the answer is given by the jewels lighting up in a particular sequence. A professor of ancient history at THCU, Dr. Shirley U. Gestit, suggested the vest is similar to the Urim and Thummim reportedly worn by the priesthood of the ancient Israelites. Does this mean that a band descended from one of the legendary ten lost tribes of Israel has been found? That’s exactly what the THC team is hoping to determine.

“Their name derives from a compound of the ancient Indo-European words for ‘people’ and ‘abbot’ or local priest,” said THC Professor Tate Urchips. “So Putinab simply means people of the abbot.”

Though all but the most primitive of technology is unknown to them, the Putinabs have safeguarded a rich cultural tradition within their unique homeland: a “hidden valley” deep within the Himalayan mountains. The mist-shrouded valley can only be accessed by first passing through a cavern system.

The hidden tribe were found exactly one year ago today by Dr. Cy Kosis, a renowned scholar of Indo-European cave art. The doctor had gone spelunking in search of the source of a Sherpa’s rumor about a massive cave filled with art created by a mysterious, unknown people.

The good doctor found more than he bargained for he stumbled on a series of ancient footpaths worn into the cave floor. Those paths led Dr. Kosis first deep into the cavern system, then out into a sudden opening within a mountain valley. Not even the most-seasoned mountaineer would suspect the existence of the hidden valley until he was already setting foot in it. There Dr. Kosis became the first westerner to set eyes on this lost peopleand he received a warm welcoming, as the Putinabs believe in hospitality toward sojourners.

Later, the doctor learned the Putinabs only dwell within the cave system during winter, when they stay close to the heat provided by a series of thermal vents within that subterranean ecosystem. The rest of the year they live in the steeply-walled mountain valley where they raise their sheep, animals of local fame in those isolated regions. Tibetans prize the wool of Putinab sheep for its purplish hue, known in that country as the royal purple from which are woven the prayer flags fluttering on desolate peaks. The sole contact the Putinabs have with the outside world is through a handful of Tibetan wool merchants.

They even kidnapped a rancher’s son in 1926 and took the boy to live as one of their own, as told in the recent book Far Blue Mountains. However, no tribe with a comparable level of isolation to that of the Putinabs has ever been found.

Though working under the auspices of THC, the research expedition is privately funded. Finances were provided by the “Authentic Texan” himselfthe anonymous, Texas crypto billionaire who is the owner of the Texas Media Monopoly and the Texas Media Group.

Mr. Authentic Texan and TX Media Group have begun dominating the online presence for the state of Texas. With their proven models of TexasHillCountry.com and AuthenticTexan.com, they’re now expanding their efforts to help Texans and expose the lies and coverups on the internet. Mr. Authentic stated, “The truth must prevail, especially online where it’s easily covered up.”

“I first read about the Putinab people when they were discovered on this celebrated day last year,” “But our culture has a short attention span, and it was quickly forgotten by most Americans. I went back to re-read the original news stories, and they were all gone. Scrubbed from the internet, down the memory hole.

How do you explain that unless it’s deliberate suppression? I think they’re deliberately trying to keep us from the truth, with discoveries like this as well as in our daily living.”

(CLAIM: MOSTLY UNTRUE. Though Mr. Authentic claims the internet is devoid of information on the Putinabs, our fact checkers at TXMediaGroup.com were able to find mention of the Putinabs online here at this link www.Putinnab.com)

“These are a holy people,” the media magnate continued. “And I personally believe that’s because of their unique language.” The Putinab language is the single-most startling thing about this singularly startling people.

The India Times      01 APR 2022

Though the first expedition was largely unable to understand the Putinabs’ own tongue, it appears that the tribesmen were easily able to understand everything the expedition members saidwhether it was spoken in English or Nepali.

Only the high priesta whitebearded man wearing the jeweled breastplatewas able to communicate in a broken dialect of old Nepali to the team members. The priest made extraordinary claims about the origin of their tongue. The Putinab language was spoken by all men before the confusion of tongues at a “Tower of Babel”, he communicated, and he implied that this language is simply “Truth in Love.”

The first expedition’s report claims that the Putinabs suffer from a strange condition not unlike synesthesia. Those who have synesthesia experience a disordering of the senses so that sounds appear to have colors or colors seem to have taste. Similarly, the Putinabs claim that every member of the tribe can perceive the bioelectric resonance of words. To them, every word is a spark, sprung from the brighter aura surrounding each human. Lies are unknown among them. When a man speaks an untruth, his word is seen to have an ashen, burned-out hue. Words of truth, “or Truth in Love,” burn brightly as interwoven threads of multicolored lights. This extraordinary claim was put to an early, inadvertent test when Dr. Kosis was caught in what could charitably be called a fib, but what some of his own colleagues have since termed a gross violation of scientific procedure.

One of the duties of the Putinab priestly line is the safekeeping of an ancient scroll, alleged by their high priest to have been written by John of Patmos, author of the Book of Revelation. The scroll is said to contain the prophesied name of the antiChrist. Dr. Kosis insisted on viewing this scroll immediately upon learning of it, but the high priest refused his demands. According to Dr. Kosis’s colleague Professor Carrie Oakey, late that night while the village slept, Kosis broke into the chapel. The ancient parchment crumbled in the good doctor’s hands moments after he read the text.

The next morning, the high priest discovered the ruined scroll and went to Dr. Kosis in the village square and asked him what he’d done.

“I never touched the scroll,” the good doctor replied. According to the Putinab people, his words were ashen gray, the sure sign of a lie. The entire village erupted in a chant directed at the doctor: “Truth in Love, Truth in Love” A few tribesmen reached out toward Dr. Kosis in outrage, but the priest quickly calmed his people and took the expedition members aside.

The priest explained that the scroll had been entrusted to the Putinab for millenniabut that it was not theirs to read. Through the centuries, no priest had ever read the contents. Instead, they viewed it as their mission to safeguard the scroll until a predestined reader would arrive one day. “That man is you,” the priest told Dr. Kosis. “Your eyes alone saw, you alone know the name of the evil one. Now you alone must try to stop him, though it place your soul at hazard and cost you this earthly life.”

Of the contents of the scroll, Dr. Kosis would only tell his bewildered colleagues that “It is a name you would all know but not one among you would ever guess. I wish I had gouged my eyes out instead.” Dr. Kosis’s name appears as co-author on the original Putinab report, which inspired the first brief flurry of news coverage on 4/01/21. However, Prof. Oakey notes that Kosis was unable to make any contribution toward writing the white paper, and he subsequently took a sabbatical from his teaching position in order to “take care of a pressing personal matter.” TXMediaGroup.com was unable to reach him for comment.

The high priest told of his people’s oral history regarding how they’d come to live in the hidden valley. According to legend, his people had taken shelter in the cave from a great storm. During the downpour, a river called the Sambatian changed course to flow roaring in front of the cave entrance, cutting off the Putinabs’ exit. Great boulders were heard like thunder, crashing together under the rushing water.

Some versions of the legend maintain the Sambatian was a volcanic river of fire. Putinab tradition maintains that the river was too great a raging torrent to crossexcept on one a day a week. On the Sabbath, the river rested. Yet the Putinabs so refused to break the Sabbath that they would not cross over on that day, and so they remained trapped. There is indeed a dry riverbed in front of the cave entrance today, which is believed to have stopped flowing in the 1930s.

“These people are everything we are not and everything that we were originally created to be,” Mr. Authentic said. “They are not entirely of this worldthough the scientific community must now grudgingly acknowledge they are most certainly in this world.”

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